Angelina Jones,

an  Inamorata  from  Spain. 


"Whichever  path  our  immense  lust  takes  us,  I  most  often 

lead  you  to  heights  unknown  or  even  spoken  of."


 "Every  single  time,  it  is  a  feast  of 

sensations  for  the  mind,  body and  soul."... 

© Copyright 2020   By  Angelina Jones




  I'm  a  former  Television  Star  &  a  Professional  Commercial  Model.

Due to  a  devastating  life-altering  spine,  bi-lateral 

knee  and  foot  injury  whilst  filming  three  years  ago, 

my  then, tiny  physique  {95 lbs}  has  now  acquired  some 

healthy,  yet  overabundant  curves.


Currently,  I'm  an  all-natural,  voluptuous,  tiny bbw

39dd~26~42    5' 8" 1/2 tall   150 lbs.     

Thus  if  you  appreciate  the  company  of  an  uninhibited,  sweet, 

pampering  and  intelligent  Companion  as  well  as 

a  beauty  with  "more-bounce-to-the-ounce",  then 

I'm  your  Spanish  Muse!


I  promise  my  insatiable  love  of  all  things  sensual,  exotic,

and  xenial  will  become  your  reality  upon  meeting  me! 


 Please  peruse  my  entire  Erotic  Model  Website,  and  follow 

explicitly  the booking  procedures  in  order  to  expedite  

an eventual meeting.

Please  don't  skip  a  page  as  it  answers  most  questions. 



 You  must  have  previously  seen,  Model  Provider  References,  or

submit  a  deposit  to  secure  your  time.

 Let's enjoy  a  sensual  tryst  &  create 

our  own  fodder  for  an  erotic  fantasy  Review.

Stop  peeking  and  take  the  plunge...if  you  dare!"


 © Copyright 2020

Exclusively Composed By
Angelina Jones, Inamorata




Name: ANGELINA JONES, VIP Main City: San Diego, CA Sex: Female Sex Preference: Straight Body Type: Tiny BBW {see stats Measurements: 39DD-26-42 Height: 5' 8" Weight: 150 lbs Race/Ethnic: Hispanic/Latino Age: 36 Availability: Incalls 1st Language: English 2nd Language: Spanish 3rd Language: Italian Eye Color: Green Hair Color: Highlights Hair Type: Curly Hair Length: Long Body Piercings: None Breast Implants: No Grooming: Bald Tattoos?: None Smokes?: No Porn Star?: My Skills are superb as any Pr Likes: Reliable, Excellent Hygiene , Honest, Referenced, Well-Mannered, Relaxed and Enjoys a Beautiful Woman! Dislikes: UNRELIABLE, Bad Hygiene, Negotiator, Cheap, Pushy, Rude, Dishonest, Guests Whom Try to Overstay Their Time Accept Credit Cards: Cash 0nly Available to: Gentlemen, Women, Couples. All Ethnicities, Over 35, Generous, Honest, Hygenic. References Required: I accept only Reputable Provider Model References. If you haven't references, you must submit a deposit via my gmail. See my Website for further details. Travel Worldwide: 50% Deposit Required For All Travel Expenses Paid, First Class Air/Accommodations Certified Licensed Massage Therapist: Specializing in Ultimate Relaxation & Euphoria Dinner Dates & Pillow Fights: 4hr Minimum {2hr Dine/2hr Private Time} 2500 8hr Pillow Fights 5000


:Etiquette & Expectations:

Show me that you value my time and I shall reciprocate 110-fold!  

 I love what I do and I promise you shall too!

 Let's recharge, live for the moment, forget the outside World, and have some fun!


● Neighbors are present, so please do not knock or talk loudly outside, nor speak

 in a loud manner inside.  Your courtesy and discretion is greatly appreciated.  


  Immediately upon arrival, I will greet you with a hug. 

Please do not begin to grope, fondle nor kiss me, especially with the

current Covid-19.


   I will request that you proceed immediately to the bathroom to

 leave the Donation in an unsealed envelope on the basin. 

 {Please don't ever hand the envelope or gift bag to me directly}

  Then proceed to thoroughly wash your hands.


● There is also for your use an unopened mouthwash,

so please do use it especially if you are a smoker.  I am not.



 ● I will then politely  proceed to the bathroom after you, to verify the donation. 

 If the donation is short, I'm sure it was just your harmless mistake, however,

I will request immediately the oversight before starting our tryst.

 To avoid this uncomfortable situation, please be sure to verify the

"Considerations/Donations" page.   I also do not make change lover. 

Consider it a tip.   


● Please have the exact donation, each and every visit.  If you do not have the

 additional monies on you to make up the total donation, then I will request you to

 leave, and will keep the monies you have given me for wasting my valuable time!


In my beginning forays into this business, I encountered some unsavory and slippery individuals.   Though wealthy, white-collared professionals and upstanding citizens, they took advantage of my kindness.  Due to the bad few,...

● I'm very strict about  simple however specific things

Correct Compensation,  Timeliness,  No Time-Wasting,  No Last-Minute

Cancellations Without Full Compensation  and  0ne's  Excellent  Hygiene! 

If one cannot comply, then I'm not the Companion for you.



● I am not able to extend our visit time-frame without advance prior notice.

{Although please do inquire at the start of our meeting.  Sometimes it's doable}

Please do schedule another visit giving yourself ample time.   

● Usually two or more hours is best to relax and feel unrushed.


● Take a shower, if needed with amenities available for your perusual.

 Minty-fresh breath is a must also, as is freshly-showered hygiene with soap,

 shower gel and then soap again.   A water-rinse is NOT a suitable shower ever!


● Please respect my spotless location by cleaning up after yourself and by

 hanging your street-clothes and wet towel on the plentiful hooks provided. 


 If you have just come from work and have soiled clothes;  i.e. a

Construction job, hospital, or are an 0fficer or a Firefighter, I especially

insist upon you hanging them.  It is preferred to ward off the smells

and dirt lingering on my clean floors. 

 Please turn off the bathroom lights and proceed into my lair {bedroom}. 

~ Thank you!


● Aggressive behavior, boundary-crossing, infliction of pain or use of illegal

 drugs are grounds for immediate termination of our meeting.

 {please make sure to read a few of my reviews from Clients below,

 for expectations.}

Do however, expect that I make the rules, and I will

 dismiss you if I feel threatened or disrespected}


I assure you, your valuable time spent with me will be enjoyable,

 satisfying, and most memorable.   My guests always come back and

 become regular, long-term clients. 


● I greatly appreciate nice reviews,

 without too much detail..  "it's our little secret"!

 Hugs, Kisses, and Uninhibited Fun

xoxo  Angelina Jones


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 © Copyright 2020






 All  donations  are  non-negotiable  and  are  for  my  

time  and  Companionship  only. 

Engagements,  location,  time  and  travel  may vary.


I'd  love  to  rendezvous  wherever  you  desire  both  near  and  far,  with 

Sufficient  Notice, Advance-Planning, a Considerable Deposit,

and Air Ticket in-hand.   


Email  me  with  your  proposition  to  fly-me-to  your  location, 

if  you're  not  here  in  San  Diego, nor  planning   to   visit   my  beautiful   city.   

I'm  always  "Passport-Ready"!

 However,  whilst   in   San Diego,  I   am   only   available   for   Incall



● Cancellations  Less  Than  24-hrs,  Require  the
Full  Meeting  Amount,  No  Exceptions!


● Any date which is more than 4 hours requires appropriate meals.

● Please note:  All "Slumber Party" dates are my only "0utcall"  exception whilst

in San Diego  can be either at your upscale Hotel or at my lair. 


● Incalls  preferred  daily  3pm ~ 11pm  at  my  private  upscale 
Downtown  San  Diego  East  Village, or  Little  Italy  location  with  parking.


I'm   never  "on-call",  so  advance  pre-planning,  and

Model-Provider  reference  verification  is  very  necessary  to  catch  me,

catch  me  if  you  can.....

© Copyright 2020




Rate Session Service Details
$400 USD 1hr Incalls "A King's Gfe Pampering"
$700 USD 90min Incalls Extended King's Pampering
$800 USD 2hrs Incalls For The King Desiring More
$500 USD 2hrs Incalls This is Deposit Required for 2hrs or Longer Rendezvous**
$400++ USD 1hr Incalls CANCELLATIONS Less Than 24-hrs, Require the Full Meeting Amount, No Exceptions.
$300 USD 1hr Incalls *Platinum Hands: Licensed CMT Full Body Sensual Massage Fbsm+ 0r Sports Massage
$600 USD 1hr Incalls Mild Fetish ~ {Please Email Inquiry & $400 Deposit}
$800 USD 1hr Incalls Light Bdsm {Dom - $800 Deposit}
$1000 USD 1hr Incalls "Girls On Film" ~ Use Your Imagination {$1000 Deposit}
$2500 USD 4hrs Incalls/Outcalls Dining a' Deux {2hrs Dining/2hrs Private Time} *Date is Prepaid Entirely
$5000 USD 8hrs Outcalls 8-hr Slumber Party.. I Bring The Pillows! *Date is Prepaid Entirely
$8000 USD 12hrs Incalls Feasting includes 2 Meals, Playing, Massage, & Enjoying Each 0ther!
$12000 USD 24hrs Incalls/Outcalls "Fly Me To The Moon" ~ *See Above But You Desire More": Includes 3 Meals, 6 hrs Slumber
$14000 USD 24hrs Outcalls LA, SF, Seattle, Phoenix, Las Vegas.
$15,000 USD 24hrs Outcalls Dallas, Denver, St. Louis, Chicago, Philly, NY, D.C., ATL, Jacksonville, Miami, St. Louis.



Email for further details

Digital Interactions:

Scintilating Text Messages

    Sexy Emails

 Erotic Photos/Videos

Salivating Original Short Stories


Virtual Sexy Dates:

    20 min./250

    30 min./350

    60 min./450


© Copyright 2020   



I assure you, your valuable time spent with me will be enjoyable,

 satisfying, and most memorable! 

My guests always come back and become regular, long-term clients. 

They also often reward me with a tip, or a  short sweet Review on one

of these sites or others below.

I  greatly  appreciate  nice  Reviews, without  too  much  detail.. 

 "it's  our  little  secret"! 



My Stellar Reviews  impart  my  fun-loving  personality  and  my  ability  to

 exquisitely  pamper  you:













● JONES-18030/2483/


● san-diego/



● TER ID# 276928






Securing Your Time With Me  3pm ~ 11pm 0nly:

● Please realize I'm never available "on-call", nor last-minute.

      I have a full life, entertain a very select-few per week, and

      get scheduled rapidly.  


● Schedule 24 to 72-hours in advance please.

     For extended visits, such as a 2-hour datea 48-hour notice is

     required with a $500 Deposit via   (Regular clients

     do not require a deposit)


● A gentlemenly introduction on my Contact Form BELOW

   or via my email, and choice of date is Key to securing time with me.


● *Vulgar, explicit requests and lack of information will be ignored!

     If you are serious about meeting, provide all details requested.


● Indicate daydate, time & length of our meeting?

     ● If more than an hour, I require a deposit. 


● List your Name, Race, Age, Physical Description, Occupation.

● Contact Phone# for text confirmation.

● Email Address for meeting location directions & access.


● Screening & Verification:

 1.  Provide Names & Contact information for more than two, preferably 

       three or more, Models you've visited prior.   If recommended, I'll

       schedule with you asap.  {This is standard procedure in this business}


2.  No Verifiable References?    Provide two or all of the following:

      ● A copy of your ID;  I will discreetly verify your employment.

      ● A selfie of you doing something specific, at my request.

      ● Provide Social Media Accts: Linked-In, FB, Switter,Twitter, IG.

         OR the final option is to Send a $500 Deposit via


3.  I'll refer you to a Model who might see you without a reference,

      then visit me soon thereafter, using her as a Model referral.

Email, then follow-up with a discreet text. 

{no calls please}  619-289-3537

Appointment Request Form
Age/Race/Physical Description    

Please list Private Delights information here (if you're a Member), or any
other site Membership such as Erotic Monkey, Escort Directory or other.
Name of 2nd Provider You'll Use as a Reference
Name of 3rd Provider You'll Use as a Reference 
What Do You Desire Today?  (Check all that apply)
Traditional GFE  $400/hr    (Each Hour Thereafter)  $400/hr

 Light Fetish  $600/hr   (Requires $400 Advance Deposit)
4-hr Dinner/Private Time Tryst   $2500  (Requires a $1500 Advance Deposit)

6-hr  Dinner/Private Time Tryst   $3600  (Requires $2000 Advance Deposit)
8-hr   Lunch/Dinner/Private Time Tryst   $4800  (Requires $3800 Advance Deposit)
12-hr  Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner/Private Time Tryst  $7200 ($6000 Advance Deposit)
    ie. ED, Cancer, Heart Issues, Back Problems, Knee Issues

Sugar Daddy

Also known as a "Sugar Daddy" or "Sponsor"... 

Do You Desire to Be My Exclusive Sugar Daddy?

My last Sponsor moved abroad and wasn't able to visit but once every two years,

      so we decided to part ways.


I'm in search of a new Sponsor whom enjoys being pampered by a lady of my caliber,

      and whom reciprocates.

If you enjoy the company of a highly intelligent, articulate and beautiful woman,

      I want to get to know you. 


Your desires will be piqued to enjoy life to its fullest. 

You'll feel the rush of youthfulness yet again with me at your side when you want me....

     I then disappear when your business or home-life is calling you away.

     No strings, no drama, just a scheduled "faux girlfriend" at your beckoning.

    There can only be  "one-at-a-time"  so as my Sugar Daddy, you are Exclusive. 


I love creating Art, Music, and Film, attending the Opera, Reading and Acting the Classics,

    and viewing Modern Art and Architecture.   


Italian Sports Cars always make my heart race, as does Scuba Diving in Costa Rica, Boating

    in Miami, enjoying a sunset in Italy or catching the stars in Cabo.


Exquisite Cuisine, Shopping, Sports and Luxurious Travel to warm, tropical destinations, both

   near and very far, are also my passionate pleasures.


 I'm classy, elegant, fashion-savvy, and love to learn anything new and exciting.   I've travelled

   the World, however, there is so much more I've not yet experienced.   Enjoy the journey with me!


 A Sponsor's /Sugar Daddy's  Special Privileges:

 - Overnight visits up to 2 nights per week or full weekends. {Depends on Package Chosen}

 - Ability to travel and take me anywhere your heart desires.   {I'm passport-ready} 

 - Shopping excursions, fine dining, soirees, movie outings, outdoor recreational activities.

      Suggestions are always welcome.


My terms are listed below and are non-negotiable:

 ● $6,000/Monthly      Distributed  $4000/First Week     $2000/Second Week    /Plus Luxury Car Accommodations:

         {Black, Navy Blue, or Burgandy:  Tesla,  Range Rover 4.6 HSE,  Convertible Mercedes Benz,   Convertible BMW,

           Convertible Porsche,  Convertible Audi,  Convertible Lexus}  {Transferred in my name, after 6 months}




● $4,000/Monthly      Distributed  $3000/First Week      $1000/Second Week   /Plus Luxury Car Acommodations




● $2,400/Monthly      Distributed  $2000/First Week      $400/Second Week   /Plus Luxury Car Accommodations

        & Monthly Shopping



Economy Package

 ● $1,600/Monthly     Distributed  1st of Each Month

{Seeing me only 1hr per week!   Must live in San Diego or within 20 minutes away}


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